Well well well... Just 30 years later and look! KissFM still excists! I write this page on my own and I want to write about the history of my radiostation. Yes, my radiostation, I'm the founder of KissFM and I run the station for 30 years now. IT STILL EXCIST! Unbelievable! But, how I start the station? Why I start the station? And why is it still on the air today? Get on the train and enjoy this story! I hope that my English writing is fair enough to understand everything, I'll do my best to tell you the beautiful (personal) story of KissFM Netherlands.

Please note; you can hear several URL's and other information in the jingles you'll find below. Please remind, all of the URL's and other information is very old and no longer belong to us.

Are you ready for some history including radiofragments, tunes and jingles?
Okay, here we go!

1993 - The start of 'Kink in de Kabel' (now KissFM Netherlands)

It was allmost the end of 1993. At that time, I was 13 years old. I was born in a city called Tiel, a small town in the middle of the Netherlands. In my bedroom I had enough space to play with Lego and other toys, but if you are 13 years old, Lego is gonna be outdated. From my parents, I get an old radio. I connect an antenna to it and in that period, commercial radiostations in the Netherlands are coming up. I hear the first broadcast of the Dutch SkyRadio and also the startup of Radio 538. My love for radio was born!

On one day a big dream come true. We had an official local radiostation in Tiel called 'Lokale Omroep Tiel', such as 'Local Radiostation Tiel'. I don't know exactly how I came there, but on one evening I was invited to talk with the host about modeltrains (another interest of me), LIVE ON THE RADIO! It was not easy for me, I stutter frequently so the interview was very difficult. I record it on tape, but because I stutter very much, I don't saved the record and delete it. I regret of that descision, but I understand why.

I hear the DJ's on the radio and try to imitate them. First without any record posibility's. I had some casettetapes with music. Some of them were newly bought, other tapes I get from my schoolmates. They copied there music from cassette to cassette. When one track ends, there was a little silence and then the next track plays. While that silence was there, I try to talk like a DJ. I never knew that it was the start of 30 years personal radio!

My parents had also an old taperecorder, yes, a reel-to-reel recorder! They don't use it anymore, but maybe it was nice for me to try something. The taperecorder was equiped with a microphone and some cables. Nice to try something! I connect my walkman (yes, with cassette tapes) to the line-in and the microphone on the microphone input. I had to split the audio from the walkman, one cable must connected to the taperecorder, on the other end I connect a simple small speaker to hear the audio of the walkman. Otherwise, I cannot hear when the track ends. Very smart innovations for me at that time.

Okay, my radiostation must have a name... hmm... On my Grandpa's birthdayparty, I hear some people talking and one of them says: 'Er kwam een kink in de kabel', in English: 'There came a hitch in the cable'. And wow, that sounds good! 'Hitch in the Cable', something that must have your attention, something to do with it, something special... And yes! That was exactly how my radiostation has to be! Special! Listeners must have attention, you must do something with it: LISTEN! So, the Dutch name 'Kink in de Kabel' was used for the first years.

Well, there we go! At the end of 1993, this was the way for me to make 'radio'. I was able to record 20 minutes, after that time, the tape was full. After turning and changing the reels, I had another 20 minutes of record time. My parents had a nice stereoset with cassettedeck and CD-player. I bought some CD's and have to copy them to cassette. And yes, that was the way for me to 'broadcast' music. No, I had no computer, no digital music, no tablet, no smartphone (they don't exist at that time), it was very, very basic, BUT: I had BIG fun and learned a lot!

There are no photo's of the 'studio' at that time. But, surprise! I have some records of that time! I think it was 2008 when I found back some of the reels with records. I record and convert the audio to MP3 and below you can listen to some of my presentations. It's only in the Dutch language, but you can hear my improvement to 'make radio' at the very beginning of my radiostation.

Allright, yes, that was my voice at 1993. Later on this webpage, you'll find more jingles and yes, that's my voice too... what a difference!

1993 - 1994 - Reel after reel

Well, this was the way that I make some radioprograms. Most important of all: I HAD FUN! I did what I like at that moment. I don't know how many shows I made. Sometimes things go wrong and I started again. I had a few reels to record, so if they are full, I started again with the first reel and with that new record, the old record was deleted. The maximum length of a program was about 20 minutes. Some reels had a recordtime of 12 minutes. Exact details are forgotten, but I'm very, VERY happy that some of the reels are converted to MP3 and never get lost. I made several backups of the records, even on a remote location outside of my house. Just in case...

The following years, I made programs like this way. Simple, but I had fun, that was important! I'm writing this history with a big smile and lovely feelings about that period. I'm proud of it. I had (and have) not much friends, so making radio gives me a good feeling. I only had a taperecorder and microphone, haha! And no, I had also no transmitter! So I record the programs, but no one had ever heared one program :)

1995 - Illegal shopping

I write earlier about it, modeltrains are also a big passion of me (even today!). On the local elektronic shop, I bought frequently elektronic parts for my modeltrains. I don't know how, but on one day I hear that the owner of the shop (Rinie van Hensbergen, passed away at May 2nd, 2006) knews my father! I was 15 years old at that time and we spoke about my hobby; trains! At one point we came to another hobby of me, making radio. Rinie looks at the shop and I was the only costumor at that moment. He went to the storageroom and came back with a little gray box. "I don't allowed to sell these things, but if you want, I have a radiotransmitter for you, so you can broadcast in the neighborhood". Wow! That was freaking awesome! I bought the transmitter and thát was the moment that Kink In De Kabel, my radiostation, came on the air!

Ohw wauw! The first picture of my studio around 1995.
On the left side, the little gray box: the transmitter!

1996 - Is everything illegal?

Okay, I had a illegal radiotransmitter. The transmitter was not very steady, so I had to tune it frequently. Nevermind, the important thing was: I HAD FUN! I make several programs and I had a little problem, I don't had very much music. From July 1996, I started to work and earn my own money! I spend much money at the local music shop. CD's, CD's and more CD's... The price of one CD was around 20 Euro's at that period (in Dutch, 44,95 gulden).

Fun at the studio around 1996.

A collegue had another idea. On one day he came with a special CD with the newest music. Every month he can gets the newest music for me on CD. The price was good, around 10 Euro's! So, every month I get the newest music and pay less for it! After a while he told me that this CD's are illegal produced. I cannot believe that. Everything looks very professional! Many, many years later, I found the evidence that there where several illegal factory's that produced the CD's with inlays of TMF, Braun MTV Music Chart etc. Nevermind, what I said... I HAD FUN WITH IT!

The studio at 1996. Oh my God... look at it! Whahaha!

Champagne at the 3th anniversary of Kink in de Kabel!

1997 - From transmitter to TRANSMITTER

Okay, on the air with my radiostation. But, I was also active on the CB-band in that time. I met a friend and we share the same passion: radio! At the weekend, he picked me up and we drive around at Tiel and most of the time we drive to the local fastfood restaurant to meet other CB people. This happened allmost every weekend. On one day, he has found a bigger FM-Transmitter. On a Saturdaynight we drive from Tiel to Hoorn, a trip of 100 kilometers. I bought the transmitter and on our way back, the car gets broken. I remember that evening like yesterday. The Fiat Panda was overheated. After a stop at a local gasstation at Amsterdam, we refill the coolingliquid and we drive back to Tiel with some kind of tension. After that trip, the Fiat Panda was dead, but, we had a bigger transmitter with an output power of 20 Watts.

The only picture of the transmitter that I bought at 1997.

Later, I found a guy at Zoelen (small village near Tiel) how helps me to get more power out of this transmitter. After some soldering and measurements, the transmitter gives 35 Watts of output power. Yes, I was happy, but I realise also, that there was more interferience than before the modification...

1998 - Friday Night!

I got my driving license at the beginning of 1998. The first trip alone in a (rented) car, was to Bergen op Zoom, in the southwestern part of the Netherlands. Here I bought a second hand radioantenna for my radiostation. At home I had an antennatower with a CB-antenna and now also with a Ross Dipole antenna for my radiostation. Every Friday evening we make some radioshows. Later, we broadcast in Friday- ánd Saturday evening. What a adventure! We both do what we will do and no one stops us!

Well, that looks better... ahum... my studio at 1998!
In the middle, on the ground, you can discover the taperecorder with some gray reelboxes.

Very nice picture of the studio at 1998. Turntable, CD-player, stereo, professional microphone and yes, in the corner a Commodore 64, my first computer. With this computer, I made the playlist for every live hour on the air. It was very basic, but now, if I look back, it was a very nice time, and most of all, I had fun to do it!

A scan of the playlist for the first broadcast with my new transmitter!

From that time, I had a goal with my radiostation: more dancemusic in the air! Commercial radiostations broadcast some kind of dance, but I want more, exclusive dance. Dancemusic was my favorite and I want to make a dance radiostation. At that period, there where several musicshops at Amsterdam, like Midtown, Rhythm Records, and many more. On one day, my father and I drive to Amsterdam and I bought some "exclusive" music on vinyl. The first steps into the dancemusic for my radiostation.

One of my first vinyl tracks: MANKEY - BELIEVE IN ME

1999 - The beat goes off and on!

A turbulent period for Kink In De Kabel (Hitch in the Cable). We stopped with our regular broadcasts. There where several neighbours with interferience on radio, TV and radioscanner. Some of them cannot receive anything else then our radiostation. That was our goal, but not on this scale, haha! For security reasons (the broadcasts were illegal!), we stopped with our broadcasts. We don't want to get caught by the local authorities. I remember a rainy evening. After our broadcasts, we take a look at the parking and we see several dry places in the middle of the street. Just in shape of a car. There must be parked some cars in the middle of the road. Till today, we don't no what cars there were parked that evening. Maybe the local authorities and some policecars will to get us off the air??? We still don't know... Nothing happened after that...

But, as always, I don't want to give up! Okay, 20 Watts of power was too much... but maybe can I make programs on lower power? The transmitter had three parts: one stereo-encoder, one transmitter and an amplifier. So, maybe can I use only the stereo-encoder and the transmitter without amplifier? Yes, that works! At the end of 1999 I turned on the transmitter and from that day, I broadcast 24 hours a day on very low power, it was enough for me.

I bought a modern radio, with cableradio, CD-player, equalizer and cassettedecks. Later I bought a Sony 5-CD player. You can put 5 CD's in it and if you put it on shuffle-mode, the tracks are played random. THAT'S NICE! A setup that I used for a long time. Sometimes I changed the CD's and yoohee, another week with some music!

2000 - Name changed to KissFM Tiel

I'm not sure about this date. I found the new jingles (with KissFM) in various old programs broadcasted at the end of 1999. I guess I changed the name to KissFM at the beginning of the year 2000. I got some nice jingles with this name and 'Hitch in the Cable' was a nice name, but not for the long term. So, I changed the name to KissFM. I also bought a new transmitter for my radiostation. A modern PLL transmitter (very stable on every frequency) with a professional stereo-encoder. From June 2nd 2000 is was on the air on 106.0 FM. However my stationname was KissFM, I used several times '106 FM' as stationname. Many years later, I make some own jingles with that stationname, but formally, the name was KissFM. The output power of the transmitter was around 300 milliWatts, the range of my broadcasts was a few hundred meters around my house.

A close-up of the new transmitter at 2002, tuned at 106.0 FM.

2000 - 2002 - Personal problems

My memories are little blurry from 2000 till 2002. Personal circumstances play a big role at that period. The station runs 24 hours a day, but not with my own shows. I broadcast my own music at a very simple way with my minidisc-player and Sony 5-CD Player. I also re-broadcast the live programs of Radio 538. At the end of 2002, ID&T Radio was broadcasted on the local cable and I re-broadcast that station on 106FM. Non-stop dance was my goal and ID&T Radio broadcast only dance, so, it was a perfect match.

2003 - Own programs

Around 2003 we started with our own programs. ID&T Radio gets his own frequency on the air, so we took our own way to broadcast non-stop dance. The exact date is unknown, but it has to be around this year that I started with the internetstreams. Internet was very expensive and not very fast, so there was less capacity to listen. First I was started with Shoutcast, after a long time I decide to stream on Icecast. That setup is even running today!

The soundquality was acceptable, but it could be better. I decide to buy a compressor/limiter at SPI Electronics. It was a kit to build it by yourself. After the bulding, the limiter doesn't work and I send it back to SPI for a check. I made some mistakes with components on the PCB and after a while I get the compressor/limiter back and it works! I even bought a Behringer soundprocessor for even better sound.

On top the homemade compressor/limiter. Below the Behringer soundprocessor.

I made some jingles and I discover a program to mix the jingles together. I found some nice soundeffects and from that moment, I produced my own jingles with my own sound and voice. Just the way I like it. It's unbelievable how many jingles I found from that period. Only with voice, only with some music, or a combination. I produced even jingles for other radiostations for free! I had so much fun and the quality of the jingles was good, but could be better if I had beter hardware en knowledge, but okay, I have to deal with it.

Yes, a very nice jingle, produced by myself with my own voice :)

Okay, another nice fact. In the Netherlands they produced a comedyshow on television, called Kees & Co. One of the actors was Amber Teterissa. I was a big fan of her. I thought: maybe I can ask her to help me with some jingles for my radiostation? Is there a way to do this? The comedyshow was live recorded at the Belbo Studios, located in Amsterdam. You can signup to visit the live records for audience. It was funny to see how they record the show. I see Amber in real life, but how can I reach and ask her for her voice for my radiostation? Everytime I took my mobile minidisc recorder and microphone with me. After one of the records, I asked the host for a short interview with Amber. And guess what... that happened! I explain Amber my intensions and yes, she will helps me with some jingles! I write the texts at home, so the only thing she have to do, was to read the texts. After I came home, I immidiatly record her voice to the computer and make several nice jingles.

Below the jingle that was used for a long, long time! Thanks Amber! ;)
The first voice you'll hear, is the voice of Amber. (you're listening to KissFM)
And yes, again a jingle that I produced by my own, I'm very proud of it!

2004 - Non-stop music

From this year, things changed again. I found some nice software and after testing it, I decide to use it for KissFM. From April 1st I broadcast non-stop music on my own radiostation. I download much dancemusic from the internet (Emule, Napstar, Kazaa, you know it...) and there we go! Funny fact: 18 years later I use the same software for my radiostation :)

Another jingle produced by myself.

Destroy a CD at the studio of KissFM, somewhere at 2004.

In that year, I bought a RDS-encoder for my transmitter. So, if you had a radio with RDS-support, you could see the name of my station, the time and many other things. That year, I bought (and sell) a second transmittter. It was not a good descision to sell it again, but I'll write about it at chapter '2012'. It was a nice year with a lot of music and much, much own produced jingles!

2005 - The end of KissFM or not?

There are sometimes moments, you'll do everything different in your life. Starting today! What was the future of KissFM? The coverage of the transmittter was véry small, buying constantly new music was very expensive and what about my own future? I cannot buy everytime new music and: broadcasting is illegal! What if I get cought by the authorities? A very difficult decision. KissFM feels like it was my child, I run it by my own, it was completely in my hands.

After a long time, I made the decision to stop with our own music. At October 1st 2005 things changed. No more my own music, but only internetstations re-broadcasting in the air, like Frisky Radio, X-FM (Dutch radiostation, stopped at May 1st, 2011) and many, many more. From that moment, it was very relaxed. I don't have to download lots of new music, I don't have to buy a new CD every week, I don't have to monitor the audio every time of the day, and I saved a LOT of money.

2006 - Non-stop ánd streaming on internet!

With this setup, it was possible to run a permanent live stream on internet. First it was a 112kbps stream, very quick it was changed to 128kbps. Because the slow speed internet, there could be listen not more than a few people at the same time. Every year, the internetspeed increase, so after a few years, the capacity was enough for us. The maximum of the capacity has never been reached.

2007 - Moving on!

I got a girlfriend and this year I moved to her. Now I had the possibility to run TWO stations! One at my old house at Tiel and one on the new location. My mom sponsored the old location at Tiel and I make a simple setup for the new radiostation. I bought a simple radiotransmitter and with internet, I had doubled the slots for listeners! Six at Tiel and six at my new location. And again, I had fun with it...

2008 - Professional jingles!

After a while, I want to get ONE special jingle for my radiostation. Every hour I broadcast a jingle of my station and after that, the software switched back to the radiostream. I found a one-man company that produced jingles for a nice price.

In that year, I stopped broadcasting in the air at Tiel. The risks are to big (it is illegal!) and there were no listeners in the area. The server stays running with music and the streams are also running. Now I had one location without a transmitter and one location (my home) with a server and with transmitter.

By the end of 2008, we moved to another house and that was the beginning of a very turbulent period.

2009 - A lot of changes!

At January 2009 I discovered a crash at the server at Tiel. Because the price of electricity, I decide to let it go. I picked up the server and that was the end of KissFM Tiel. But no worry's, my own radiostation at home runs for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I used a normal computer, but now I have to pay the electrabill by myself. So I bought another computer to save energy. The internetprovider increase the internetspeed and the station become more popular on the internet. I even make a Facebook page of my radiostation. Today I have 118 people how likes the Facebookpage :)

At the end of 2009, I found the reels from the taperecorder and record and convert them to MP3-files. The original tapes were destroyed after the succesful conversion.

And, more changes! I ordered some new jingles! I found the website of Rinie van den Elzen. He is a famous voice-over of many TV-programs in the Netherlands. Specially for KissFM, Rinie would make some voice-jingles for KissFM. After I payed and received the files, I create some jingles like the one below.

2010 - 17th anniversary!

This year I 'celebrate' the 17th anniversary! No, I do nothing special, just a reminder that KissFM exists for 17 years :) The station still going on...

2011 - Again, new jingles!

The voice of KissFM has made a new package with some nice jingles for KissFM. And yes, I have to ordered some new jingles at this time, I use some of them still today!

There were also another changes. The website changed the last years frequently and I host it now at a hostingprovider. The speed of the site has increased very much! And again I build a new 'greener' computer for KissFM to saves energy. More storage, more memory, so the streams can run without any problems.

2012 - An important year

Again, another movement and our name changed again. KissFM Tiel, KissFM Franeker, KissFM <name of the city>. Not easy to change it every time, so I decide to change the name in KissFM Netherlands. Whoop whoop! Very good idea! That was the last time the name was changed. You can find my station by searching on this name. Google and many other websites has found the name and the website, very cool! My goal isn't changed, I like to broadcast more dance in the air!

In this year I startup a new website with Joomla CMS, wich is still used today.

A professional wiring closet with al the equipment; server, powersupply and transmitter.

This year, I got a big problem. Sometimes I measure the transmitter. Is it still on the right frequency and I want to know the output power. After a measurement, I had to turn on the transmitter again and... it stays off! It never came back on the air. I had some elektronic skills, but this transmitter was very complicated and I cannot find the problem. I try many things, measuring the whole transmitter, but I cannot find the failed component. Now I regret the dicision to sell my second transmitter at 2004. But, you never expect that failure after 12 years of operation.

I decide to buy a new transmitter from Ebay.

The new transitter of KissFM...

It was a very nice transmitter, but the soundquality was very poor. I tried to get it better with my equalizer, but it has not much effect. So, I must hope that I could find the same transmittter like before, but the last years, I never could find one. But... if you want something, you can get it... After two months, I saw somebody that sell exactly the same transmitter then I use the last twelve years! UNBELIEVABLE! I bought it immidiatly and after a few modifications, I could turn it on a few days later. Ten years later that transmitter works till today on 106.8 FM.

2013 - DJ-Controller

At the end of 2012, I received a Christmas present, a Sarista coffeemachine. Nice, but I already had a similar coffeemachine. So, I sold the new coffeemachine and with that money, I bought a DJ-Controller. A Hercules DJ-Control Instinct. I had some software and there I go. Roland Janzzen in tha mixxxx! The first DJ-set's are not very good... duhhh!! But again, it was FUN, and that's important, remember? Right! Most of the DJ-sets I broadcasted on my own radiostation KissFM Netherlands. I make a deal with myself: twelve DJ-set's a year. That was easy to do, right? And yes, ten years later I had many DJ-set's and especially I mixed 24 DJ-set's at 2022 to celebrate ten years of mixing.

The Hercules DJ-Controller Instinct... still in use at 2022.

2014 - Breakup and moving on

My girlfriend breakup and I have to move again! It was a terrible end of 2014. KissFM Netherlands must continu, so after a few days I turn on the server and the transmitter on my new location and here we go again. Sometimes I update the website and check if the station was running well. And yes, everytime I woke up with my own music. If there were problems, I solved it everytime. Sometimes there was maintenance on the internet and the station went down, but that's normal.

A few times I had a crazy thought... If there is maintenance at Ziggo, the station goes down. Ziggo has internet on the TV-cable and it's very fast and reliable. Sometimes there was a downtime of malfunction and the internet goes down. But, my crazy thought was to get a second internetprovider on the telephone-line. If Ziggo had a problem, I can switch everything to the second provider... A crazy thought and luckly it was only a thought...

All the equipment, server, transmitter, and internetmodem.
Running from the end of 2014 till the beginning of 2020.

2015-2019 -Still running KissFM Netherlands

I made a compact story about the years 2015 till 2020. KissFM Netherlands is on the air as always. No big failures, no strange things, just dancemusic! The internet capacity increase from time to time and everything runs fine for this years. Sometimes I received an E-mail with a question, but most of the E-mail is spam or with questions to play some special music from an artist. But, that's not our intension. KissFM doesn't have own shows and I don't want to make a complete live radioshow or something with all that requests. I don't have it on time to do that, I'm sorry folks.

Between this years, I met my wife and she doesn't like dancemusic like I did. But, KissFM feels like my own child, I must take care of it and keep it running. It's my dream, something with a history and it's my creation!

2020-2021 - Moving again!

I lived in a small house with one bedroom and now we lived here with two people ánd some nice cats. But, it was too small for us. So, we moved to a bigger house with enough space for us and even a radioshack for all my equipment. YES! I sold my old wiring closet and buy a new, modern and smaller wiring closet to have all the equipment in a dustfree environment.

The equipment in a new wiring closet at November 2022.

2022 - Allmost 30 years...

Oh my God... I never expect it, but it COULD happen... 30 years KissFM! There was a little confusion. What was the EXACT date that I start with Kink in de Kabel? I try to remember it, but I really don't know the exact date of the first record I made. Even about the year there was confusion. 1991? 1992 or maybe 1993? After listening to all of the existing records and the music that I used, I had one conclusion: at the end of 1993 I started with Kink in de Kabel. So that means, KissFM Netherlands exist for 30 years at the end of 2023!


I do it with so much fun and it is a mindblowing fact that it runs for 30 years! Okay, we broadcast not the full 30 years, but the station exists for 30 years. And now I write about it, the broadcasts are even exists for 27 years... Wohoooo! What they say? Time flies when you having fun! ;)

* Quality of the jingle is low for the website, on KissFM we use the high quality version.

And yes, you can hear it, a brand new jingle! When I've catch a cold, my voice get's very low sometimes. On that moments (once a year), I grab the microphone and play with my voice. This jingle was recorded at November 5th 2022, so, brand new! I record many voices like this, so I'm gonna make and mix some nice jingles with it. It saves money, the jingles wich I use at this moment, are payed...

2023 - The year of PARTY!

Yes yes yes! 30 years! Party time! I had a big collection of music and maybe it's a nice idea to broadcast that non-stop all of the weekends in 2023. And of course, at December 2023 there will be another party with tons of non-stop music and maybe, I'll make a special program for the anniversary of KissFM.

Mixing a DJ-set at the studio of KissFM. Mixed by Roland Janzzen ;)

The future of KissFM Netherlands

No, never ever I earned money with my radiostation, NEVER! Everything was and is payed by my own. Even today! If you hear some commercials, they are from the streaming stations, but I never earned money with my station. No payed access to the website, no payed access to the streams and it will never happen also! If you want to make a donation, please ask me for the right E-mailaddress and yes, I use every Euro or Dollar to the station, I must pay for the webhosting and I have to pay the electrabill by my own...

The future of KissFM? I don't know. Really.

The world is crazy at this moment. Prices for gas and electricity are sky-high at this moment. And what I said, I have to pay it by myself. I have a modified thin-client computer for KissFM and I have a powersupply for the transmittter and a switch for all the internetconnections. All that equipment is running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year after year... The next two years we payed a steady price for gas and electricity, but I don't know what happend if the contract ends at 2024.

Maybe the prices are much higher and what I wrote, I never earned money with the station. I don't want to do anything to earn money with the station, it's my 'child' and my only goal is to promote dancemusic. And that goal I want to do it by my own, for you! So, if you want to make a donation, it is possible, yes! But, I can't see in the future, I don't know what comes in the future.

I hope I can run the station for many years, but maybe I must decide to stop it about two years, I really don't know...


Well, thanks for reading this article, I hope you like it, keep in mind, it was fun to write it down, it was fun to see the old pictures, and I love every listener to the stream and on-air, more dancemusic, that was and is my goal. I hope you like KissFM Netherlands like I do. Together we can dance the whole world!

Thank you,

Roland, the only man behind KissFM Netherlands.