KissFM Netherlands is a Dutch radiostation.

It starts at the end of 1993 with only recordings of 'programs' on tape.

After a few years we bought a radiotransmitter.
Our goal: broadcast more dance for everyone!
We had 20 Watt of power. After a few months we stopped with broadcasting.

In the next years we made our own programs and we broadcast them on the air with a small transmitter of 300 milliWatts. From 2005 we stopped complete with our own programs.

From the 1st of October 2005 we broadcast only other radiostations from the internet. That’s what we do now also. You can listen to our internetstream or live on 106.8 FM Stereo. We use a small and LEGAL FM-transmitter, also called a FM-bug. It is mostly used in cars, to hear music from an Iphone of MP3-player on the radio in the car.

And yes: we re-broadcast radiostreams. But keep in mind, online internetradio isn't our goal! It's a nice future to stream our music, but our goal is to broadcast more dance in the air!

From 2013 you can listen to DJ-set's of DJ Roland Janzzen. One hour techno, dance, oldies... DJ Roland Janzzen mixed DJ-set's with his own style and with his own music. Nothing is crazy, everything is possible!

And sometimes we have a special program. We have a lot of DJ-set's from the Radio 538 Now Dance Party Night between 1994 till 2002. We make an announcement on the frontpage when we broadcast the DJ-set's, so, be patient!