KissFM Netherlands broadcasts for many years on the air and on the internet. It starts at 1996 with a simple FM-transmitter, we bought a bigger transmitter at 1997. A year later we stopped with broadcasting and bought a new transmitter of 300 milliWatt power. The range of our tranmissions is between 100 and 200 meters.

From 2000 we broadcast also via the internet. From the beginning we host it by our own.

The server is an Igel UD3 M340c Thin Client. We replaced the flash-memory for a 256GB SSD and put 8 GB of RAM in it. It runs with Windows Server 2019. Applications like Shoutcast and Icecast are running well. We also use some optimalisation software for better sound quality.

We have a fast internetconnection with 1 Gbps up- and downstream. It's enough for 950+ listerners at the same time at our 128kbps stream! We never reach that amount of listeners!

The optimized sound goes to the Icecast and Shoutcast applications and you guess it maybe... that's were you tuned in :)

For our broadcasts, we use a little more steps. First of all the signal was send to a virtual audiochannel. We normalised it to an acceptable volume. After that, we use a small compressor/limiter. By using this, the signal is never too low of too high.

Then Airomate comes in! Airomate is a piece of software that makes a complete MPX-signal for our transmitter. Airomate adds a stereo-signal and adds also a RDS-signal.

After all these processes, the signal goes to the transmitter and you can hear the result very locally at 104.7 FM Stereo with RDS!

The working Airomate screen before the signal goes to the transmitter.